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The „Service Builder’s Edition“ generates and maintains a fully-featured source code tree for your embedded / IIoT project based on a fine-grained model description. Included are database, embedded Linux service and WebUI/API access.


The „Device Builder’s Edition“ extends the advantages of WhizniumSBE to the world of FPGA's by providing RTL code down to state machine level. A project-specific interface-agnostic library for host system access is generated along.

Whiznium In A Nutshell

Key Advantages

●  Slash embedded software development time by up to 70% *)
●  All time-consuming development tasks which may not be the core features of your high-tech product – Whiznium handles them for you.
●  Whiznium knows Embedded: it injects expert knowledge on FPGA’s, databases, secure communications and more into your project.
●  And what’s best: all code is in plain sight for your developer team – no closed source libraries are required.
●  Your gain is sustained: Whiznium ensures well-structured and clean source code trees for feature-rich applications.

*) based on the FabSight example: 17 person-days of modeling and implementation for FPGA, Embedded and Cloud components. 349000 lines of code of which 4970 are hand-coded to implement the core functionality. Not a single line of manual code for database, communication, API library, …

Starter Kit Available

●  Tabletop 3D laser scanner as comprehensive Whiznium use case.
●  FPGA option based on Digilent Zynq board.
●  Embedded Linux option based on Toradex i.MX6 board.
●  Model information (Whiznium input) and source code freely available on GitHub.
●  Contact us for details.

Technical Overview

Above diagram shows the run-time situation of a project developed using both Whiznium tools.


●  Powerful multi-threaded IIoT solutions with HTTPS, DDS and OPC UA.
●  Numerous applications in industrial automation and robotics.
●  Reference projects and code examples for well-known ARM- and Atom-based systems.
●  Fine-grained modelling of all aspects from database to web-based HMI and API library.
●  Compile-readiness and very clean structure of the generated code.
●  Simple intermixing of generated code and manual additions.


●  Development for powerful Xilinx FPGA-based systems.
●  System specific command set with implementations as RTL on one hand, and as host system library on the other hand.

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Embedded World 2020

February 25, 2020: MPSI is represented at the embedded system industries leading event, Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg. Come visit us February 25 – February 27 at booth 3A-529f!

Starter-Kit Released

February 25, 2020: It’s here! Developers interested in getting started with Whiznium can now obtain our tabletop 3D laser scanner starter kit. It is available in two versions, FPGA and Embedded Linux, with model input and source code available on GitHub.

At the request of a customer, we put both Whiznium tools to work and got a cool IIoT project off the ground in record time, from FPGA-based data acquisition to cloud back-end! The FabSight project illustrates nicely why turning to Whiznium for a complex embedded software project instantly pays off…

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